Ambrosia Essence Skin Perfector
Ambrosia Essence Skin Perfector
Ambrosia Essence Skin Perfector

Ambrosia Essence Skin Perfector

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Purpose: To restore ageless beauty, rejuvenate the complexion, and renew the youth in your skin.  Ambrosia Essence is a skin perfector.  An ultra rejuvenation treatment.

How to use Use actuator to pump a few drops of the oil onto your fingertips and massage into the affected area until completely absorbed.

When to use  Use daily as a super-intense nourishing booster prior to moisturising.  Use nightly after cleansing to revive and restore your complexion and renew your skin while you sleep.


Organic Tamanu Nut Oil (calophyllum inophyllum)
Tamanu oil is pressed from the dark chocolate-brown kernels of the Tamanu tree that grows profusely along the coastline of the Pacific Islands. Tamanu oil possesses the unique capacity to promote cicatrisation thereby improving the appearance of wounds and healthy skin alike. It is used widely in the Pacific islands as a sacred medicine, and is applied liberally to cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites and stings, abrasions, acne and acne scars, psoriasis, diabetic sores, sunburn, dry or scaly skin, blisters, and eczema.

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil (rosa rubiginosa)
Rosehip seed oil is pressed from the seeds in the red berry-like fruits, or hips, of a wild rose-bush that grows in the lush mountain valleys of the southern Andes, in Chile.  It is used to reduce the appearance of scars and facial lines, and prevents the signs of premature aging.

Organic Helichrysum Flower Oil (Helichrysum italicum)
Helichrysum oil is extracted from the fresh or dried flowering clusters by steam distillation. Helichrysum oil is used to improve the appearance of scars, acne, dermatitis, stretch marks, boils and abscesses.

Organic Neroli Flower Oil (citrus aurantium ssp amara)
It takes 1000 kgs of orange blossoms to make 1 kg of Neroli oil. Neroli oil is extracted from the small, white, waxy flowers of the bitter-orange tree by steam distillation. Neroli oil can help with the appearance of scar tissue and stretch marks and also prevents the signs of premature aging.

Organic Patchouli Leaf Oil (pogostemon cablin)
The pure essential oil of Patchouli leaves is used to improve the appearance of dry, mature or wrinkled skin. It is useful for inflamed skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and acne.

Organic Calendula CO2 Flower Extract (calendula officinalis)
The total supercritical extraction of Calendula flowers, or marigold, is 200 times stronger than the maceration in vegetable oil. This unique method of extraction collects the most volatile and fragile fractions of the plant and obtains all the beneficial fats, resins and waxes contained in the whole flower. Calendula is an excellent anti-inflammatory, is very useful for eczema, dermatitis and irritated skin.

Carrot CO2 Seed Extract (daucus carota)
Carrot seed oil is made from supercritical extraction from carrot seeds that are sourced from New Zealand, ensuring an exceptionally pure extract. Low processing temperatures ensures a gentle extraction of the seed. Carrot seed oil is excellent for improving the appearance of wrinkled, sun damaged and mature skin. It improves the complexion by removing toxin build up in the skin and is also useful in cases of water retention. Using carrot seed oil will improve tone and elasticity to the skin, creating a firmer, fresher appearance. It is excellent for mature and congested skin, couperose skin and eczema.

Organic Rosemary CO2 Leaf Extract (rosmarinus officinalis)
A potent natural antioxidant extracted from the fresh leaves of the herb. Its properties are antibacterial, soothing and wound healing. Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant, preventing damage by free radicals. Rosemary is renowned as a rejuvenating tonic and is said to prevent the signs of premature aging.

Store below 30 ℃ / 86 ℉ and use within 6 months from opening

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marc f.
Australia Australia
I am brosia

Love this product as a night oil. Been using this every night for past 15 years and think it’s one of the best face oils out there. I love the smell but some people don’t like it at all but the visible effects of this product make the smell a minor issue.

Australia Australia

I have loved so many of the Miessence products, but the one I have been most impressed with so far is the Miessence Ambrosia Essence Skin Perfector. I have been struggling with breakouts for a few months, due to some crazy hormones. After a breakout I can have red scabby marks on my face for weeks, Using Ambrosia essence for just one night made a huge difference! The marks are nearly cleared.

Australia Australia
Works wonders

I love the Miessence Ambrosia Essence Skin Perfector!! About 6 years ago I started to notice my face was taking a turn towards aging. Fresh into my 30s, I was not happy. Using Ambrosia Essence has helped diminish these problem areas, rejuvenate my skin, reverse the clock� and all without synthetic chemicals!! It is amazing how the right blend of organics and truly natural ingredients can work wonders!

Australia Australia

...after telling us about her chemo therapy for cancer, I asked her to place a drop of Miessence Ambrosia Essence Skin Perfector on her face where she had 3 red and irritated spots. A week later ... she couldn�t believe her face didn�t show any sign of the terrible sores we saw a week earlier. Such powerful healing properties in a tiny bottle.

Australia Australia

I have to tell you about my AMAZING experience with the Miessence Ambrosia Essence Skin Perfector. I am embarrassed to say that I went to the pool and did not put any sunscreen on my fair legs and laid out in the sun too long resulting in a very red and painful sunburn. I decided to put the Miessence products to the test. So, twice a day, I applied the Miessence Ambrosia Essence Skin Perfector to my parched legs for a week. Now, I usually peel quite a bit when I get a burn, but honestly, the skin on my legs completely healed with NO peeling. Amazing! This has never happened to me. Plus, the burning went away within two days which usually lasts a week for me. Thank you for making these beautiful products that we can share.